2018 is coming to a close. Hopefully, most of us had a satisfying experience with family and friends. I hope you enjoyed old and new traditions. This time of year can be a wonderful time to think about new goals and yes, letting go of old habits and behaviors that don’t serve us. While I don’t advocate making New Year’s resolutions which can feel onerous, I do think it can be a time of reflection and clarification. Using our mindfulness and meditation skills could prove valuable as this year draws to a close. Taking some quiet time to get clear about what we want is often one of the best gifts we give ourselves. Slowing down can be a very good thing.

We will begin the new year looking at bettering our communication skills. And, good, meaningful communication is just that: a skill anyone can learn. This time of year generally creates charitable feelings and is a great time to talk to our children about giving and having compassion for those less fortunate. The wonderful thing is those conversations can continue throughout the year! Learning compassion, kindness, and tolerance can help with bullying and more! Those talks can even help teach budgeting and savvy shopping.

Next time, we will talk about conversations with our children about charity, compassion, and savvy use of money. Until then, enjoy the remaining holiday festivities if you enjoy that. For those who prefer quiet time, rest, meditate, and work on whatever appeals to you. Everyone try to spend some time outdoors!

Lori Brandt