About TRE

The TRE Story

Every non-profit has a story about why they exist and TRE is no different. Every day there are teenagers who are failing at school, living from couch to couch, using drugs or alcohol, and going without the basic needs of life. These teens are often dealing with a mental health disorder that has not been diagnosed or treated. Our story began because of several teenagers living this life.

They were in a system that is doing its best but the system struggles to keep up with the growing demand and teens were getting lost. They didn’t have money or an avenue to pay for services, and by the time they were helped these teens had given up. So, their window of opportunity to help closed.

We saw this need and began helping teens that were lost in this system and gave them a way to graduate high school, receive mentoring and counseling, and helped them find jobs and confidence in themselves. They began to be successful.

We called it The Ripple Effect, because we saw that helping one rippled out and affected others. This is how our non-profit was born.

We knew we needed a way for these teens to graduate high school or get back on track in school. We needed someone for them to talk to and check in with. We also needed a therapist who had experience working with teens who are a little rough around the edges.

By simultaneously using the resources of the mentor, the educator, and the counselor we saw the success of the teens we were working with. A true Ripple Effect we knew we were on to something magical.