Counseling Program

Our counseling program’s goal is to educate our clients and their families about mental health. We work alongside our Education Program and Mentoring Program to help clients’ understand their mental health, become resilient to their ups and downs, be a support system, and provide a safe place to heal. We have found that having conversations about mental health permits each individual a way to navigate and find their own solutions to feeling healthier overall. Mental health is part of all of our lives and the first step of healing is to understand mental and emotional health.   

We provide:  

      • Assessment and treatment for depression, anxiety, ADHD, Trauma, Mood disorders.
      • Evaluation and treatment for substance/alcohol use disorders.
      • Certified Trauma Treatment.
      • Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy.
      • Specific treatment for adolescents and young adults, which include job and/or education goals.
      • Psychoeducation for mental health and substance use disorders.
      • Resources and education for families or support systems.
      • Resources for medication management.