Aftercare Programs

TRE’s aftercare program is designed for teens and young adults who have been in a residential
treatment program, intensive outpatient program, juvenile justice program, or struggle in
school settings. Our services include wraparound services that help these individuals learn to
use the skills such as stress management, effective communication, and anger management
skills at home, school and study skill help, and job interview and college and career counseling.
Our program provides support for the teen/young adult as well as the parent. We teach
family/individual/parent the necessary skills to decrease chaos and disruption in the home. Our
services include:

    • Weekly goal setting and check-ins
    • Parent and family education and tools
    • Video support groups for teens/young adults
    • Video support groups for parents
    • Tutoring
    • Individual mentoring
    • Parent mentoring

The cost of our aftercare program is structured on the need of the family. We offer many
services and have a monthly fee that gives the family the ability to choose the services they
need. The monthly fee is $695 for the above services. We have additional services such as
individual counseling and family counseling that can be added if there is a need. These services
are an additional cost and can be done through our HIPPA compliant video system.